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Last week I lost one and by one I mean a kid. The three year old zigged when he should’a zagged. We walk the same exact way from school every single time but apparently habit means nothing to him.

School pick up time is extremely stressful. Kids begin school here in pre-k and go all the way up to 8th grade in the same building. When the final bell rings, you have everything from 3 year olds to 14 year olds heading home at the same time, mixing together in a sea of blue, white, and beige like some sort of sub par concert festival.

On this particular day, our family friend was talking to someone else around the corner and out of sight while our boys did their typical race to the fence and run around like freed formerly caged hamsters. I had the five of them in my sights. Until I didn’t. Once we were all together one took off running, quickly followed by two more. The baby and I hot on their tails. Making our way through the exodus, we regrouped at the corner when I realized Mr. three year old was nowhere to be found. Where’s Maddox???? WHERE IS MADDOX???

Leaving the baby with my friend the other two and I doubled back, down the street and into the school yard. Passing the doors they come out of incase Maddox himself went back looking for us. “Maddox, Maddox.” All while I admonished the other two with little ditties like “this is why you stay with me,” and “this is why you guys need to stop running off in different directions.” While the bothers cried a chorus of “I hope no one took him,” and “I loooooove my brotheeeerrrrr.”

Luckily Maddox was wearing his new tied dyed shirt making him more easily identifiable. One of the grandmas spotted him on the opposite corner from where we go and called him back. “Mama you lost me!” Crisis averted. Did I think anyone really took him? No. Do we tell the boys it could happen to keep them in line? Absolutely. Did I think we would find him? Yes. What I didn’t know however was how long it would take to find him and frankly we had plans.

The very next day we saw another class mom out and about running errands like we do. When she said “see you later at pick up” to Maddox. I quickly responded with something along the lines of no way Jose! Not after yesterday (but more politely). To which she commented on how she saw what was going on the day before, how he got lost and how we were looking for him. She then added; “Yeah, I remember when you lost him at the zoo, I felt so bad for you.”

Lost him at the zoo…?!?!?!?!

Oh. shit. I completely forgot about that time he wandered off at the zoo during his brother’s class trip!

And then there was the time last year I lost him at school pick up and another mom practically tackled a man she thought was abducting him when in reality he was merely wandering around the school yard being two.

There’s the sloppy mom, the uptight mom, the stoner mom, to name a few, and then there’s me, the mom who keeps loosing her child. Apparently It’s what I do so much so that I may or may not be getting a reputation. Let’s not also forget the time I forgot him in car.

I’ve never had this problem with any of my other kids and the two older ones have both been three. Am I subconsciously trying to loose him and he keeps coming back? As the third is he being naturally taught survival of the fittest? Or is he just a plain pain in the ass who runs off, doesn’t listen, and has no respect consequences? Eureka, It’s not me, It’s you! He keeps this up I might have to install a tracker on this kid.

Boys; struggling to keep them alive since 2009!

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