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I had been thinking about the unfortunate series of events concerning that little boy and the big gorilla over and over again in my head and after seeing other mothers posting about the times where they had let down their guard only to find their kids in serious situations I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could balance out the #JusticeforHarambe outrage with some #EmpathyforMichelle. Sure, our lapses in parenting haven’t made the evening news but they still show us that kids will be kids and no parent is perfect.

I will share one for each of my three children:

That time when; I left my flat iron heating up on a high bookshelf and left the room for less than one minute which my 8 month old used to climb the couch, pull the fiery hair device from the shelf in order to grab it with his bare hand that suffered second degree burns. #EmpathyforMichelle

That time when: The door hiding all of the Christmas presents was left open and as I rushed to close it, my 2year old following behind me tumbles down the stairs and gets a massive black eye for Christmas. #EmpathyforMichelle

That time when: I left my newborn in the car for approximately 15-20 minutes because I was in a complete daze of motherhood and it wasn’t until my friend whose house I was visiting asked me where the boys were that I remembered. #EmpathyforMichelle

If you’ve been there. I encourage you to share your own stories with #EmpathyforMichelle so maybe she can see that some of us in the world are not blaming her. We can see our kids so easily getting into that very situation. Not one of us is perfect and not one of us is immune from being the next media storm.

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