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Yesterday I was not a good mom. I did not come in first place, nor was anyone showering me with accolades. I can only hope that it’s not days like these that my children feel the need to reconcile with their respective future therapists.

It was a school day, yet all of the kids were home. My big guy had come home early from school the day before with a slight temperature and so I was told to keep him home the next day. Of course the next day he was totally fine but the change in energy and dynamics was not.

Round 1: Three against One

Wow, this cereal is great! Let me just throw the brand new bowl that you just bought last week from T. J. Maxx that is housing it on the floor so that it smashes into many sharp chocolatey milk covered pieces! Awesome!

Kids: 1, Mama: 0

The cereal and shards all over the floor forced me to declare a cleaning day in between the expletive deletives. Everyone grab a spray and paper towels! Get sweeping, vacuuming, swiffering! Only… there’s just one spray bottle… so of course a death match ensues over who gets the privilege of spraymaster (is that even a thing). There was maybe three minutes the boys were getting along and being productive. In that moment I snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram, and then my big guy decided to spray my middle guy right in the face with cleaner.

Round 2: Spray Cleaner

While I jumped to clean out my child’s eyes, my big guy stood there screaming, crying, sobbing, hyperventilating all in one. “He didn’t mean too!” “It was an accident!”

Not once did he express any concern for his sibling’s ability to see. His selfishness astounds. My screaming could probably be heard two blocks away in a pitch I’ve only just reached.

Kids: 2, Mama: 0

Round 3: Poop, naturally

So much screaming and crying, cursing and carrying on and no wine because I have to bring the big one to soccer practice and to the dentist that night. So of course while I’m attempting to get dinner started and slow cooking in the oven so that the rest of the family has something to eat, my little guy takes it upon himself to paint the hallway with the new dogs poop. Naturally.

Kids: 3, Mama: 0

I haven’t mentioned here yet that we just added a new puppy to the family because I haven’t been able to get a decent picture of her to make an announcement with, however when the chaos in the house is on high alert, her pooping, pissing and nipping certainly take it to that next level.

Needless to say it was one of those days where everyone was working against each other. Where the boys merrily hopped on the chaos carousel, taking their turns doing awful things to one another, themselves and the house. The big guy and middle guy fought non stop and the little guy took the opportunity to get into as much trouble as he possibly could.

That night a couple that likes to get into loud, cursing, screaming matches outside our dinning room window, every four months or so, was at it again. As I listen to them, I thought of how horrible I must sound doing the same thing to my kids.

It’s days like these that I do not relish. The days I admonish myself for not doing and being a better mother, for not being calm, cool and collected. The reality is these days do happen and when the steam comes to a head and ultimately blows with all it’s might, I try to make sure when the calm comes the next day to apologize and remind them that “today will be better than yesterday!”

P.s. Van’s eyes are A-OK. Luckily we use only Young Living’s Thieves cleaner in the house so he wasn’t damaged in the accidental spray attack.

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