Flashback: Happy Holidays! (Circa 2014)

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I wrote this post sometime during the 2014 holiday season about the holidays, resolutions, and plans for the future. The question is how did these plans pan out in the long run?

Christmas time is my favorite time. I have always loved the holidays for the good and the bad they bring. The family coming together, the stress of said family coming together. The cooking and the cleaning. The mess and the eating. The presents, music and movies that show us what being a good person means and how to get there with holiday spirit and cheer.

I. Just. Love. It. All.

I could give or take Thanksgiving, but it’s the day after, when the Pilgrims and the Indians are in their food comas, the Christmas tree goes up and the Christmas music goes on, that I look forward to. All of our holiday traditions are set in motion.

Christmas Eve we host a big family party where my father in law shows up as Santa to talk to the kids in between bites of canolies. Christmas day is a quiet dinner. The tree and all of the trimmings come down New Years Day as we prepare to start a new year all fresh and clean and two weeks later we celebrate my husbands birthday. It really is the most magical time of the year!

Although I understand the idea of new beginnings, starting fresh and having a day to mark those beginnings. I do not make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Never had. It doesn’t make sense to me to wait for a mandated day to declare “this is the day, I will change this thing about myself for the better!” If there has been anything I’ve wanted to change about myself, I just do it then and there. Simply because if I did not, then it would never happen.

Instead of resolving to change, I contemplate my focus for the new year.

The answer; yoga and bread.

Weird right?

A few months ago I was reintroduced to something that I’ve loved to do in my past. A love affair that started more than ten years ago but had fallen by the wayside. An addiction to yoga.

When I was a kid and into my high school years I was a mediocre gymnast, but even though I was average at best, I could still do the splits and handstands that I’d love to recreate now in my thirties. My thirties where I find myself with strength but lacking flexibility. My thirties where my breath runs out much more easily and after three babies I’m not entirely sure if I even have abdominal muscles anymore. Do they take the abs out and replace them with jelly during a cesarean?

Yoga to me represents three things I wish to foster in myself and my children; focus, strength and flexibility. In the body and in the mind.

Now, I did say bread now didn’t I?

My Father got me a Kitchen Aid standing mixer for Christmas! A home cooks dream come true, and my dream has become to make our own gluten, dairy, soy free bread. The recipes I have found all said that you need a standing mixer and since I am not the bread maker my Nana once was, I tend to believe them, and now that I have the proper tools the dream can become reality.

In 2014 I want to focus my energies on making more and buying less. On creating things from scratch as opposed to purchasing products from the grocery store. My son’s food allergies being the thing that has spurred me down this path but my growing love of slowing down and putting effort into this thing called homesteading that makes it even more rewarding.

Perhaps for 2014 I can resolve to make bread while doing yoga.

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