The Big Top

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Holy. Shit balls. It happened. Again.

One of my boys turned three.


I know, I know, if you keep having them this kind of thing will keep happening, but seriously what. the. hell.

Since Charlie is the big boy of the household he gets the luxury of picking his own birthday themes based on his current obsession. Consequently we have had an Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Superhero, and a Lego party and if I never see another cape, it will be too soon.

Once Van’s birthday started rearing it’s ugly head and the thought of a repeated theme bubbled vomit in my throat. I hopped on the chance to proclaim just how awesome the party I wanted to throw him would be. Much like that time I dressed them up as Maverick and Ice Man from Top Gun despite their protests and clear lack of understanding of just how awesome a movie Top Gun is. Lucky there were less tears since Van’s a good boy and immediately fell in line with my desire for a circus party.

Hell I live in a circus. Why not celebrate it.

Being economical, I also used this opportunity to combine Maddox’s christening.

Two super heros. One piece of kryptonite. BAM. POW.

Every party I say the same thing: NEVER AGAIN. Of course I ultimately cave and put myself through the insanity yet again but this time I just might mean it. Which or course grants me the right to go all out, since you know, this is it.

I may or may not have lost my mind. Two months pre party the self designed invites went out. For two months I planned. obsessed. planned some more. Two weeks prior I decorated. Two days I cooked and cleaned. I rented a cotton candy machine and hired a magician. Cause you know, circus party!

Finding the right magician was the trickiest task of all. Let’s be straight here, you don’t want a predator in a top hat and you don’t want someone with a substance abuse problem who is the only person in the room who sees the magic in everything he does. Hours and hours of research and emails and I finally found Magic Evan.

Photo credit: Kasandra from The Portrait Garden Photography

First of all Evan was adorable. Secondly, his show was perfect for our audience. But the most impressive aspect was his level of patience. Our crowd varied from nine months to ten years with quite a few kids with classifications.

Evan’s show included copious amounts of participation and centered around Van the birthday Man. The kids huge belly laughs at everything he did probably gave the best review a kids magician can get. And for days after my boys kept trying to do his tricks.

If you are in the New York, New Jersey area and are in the market for a children’s entertainer, I would highly recommend checking him out.

After all the chaos of throwing a big party passed. After having more people gathered in our home than ever before. After every ounce of food was eaten and every lollipop handed out. The party was a success. And if it does happen to be the last I throw. It will be good to go out on top. The big top that is!

We were lucky to have Kasandra from The Portrait Garden Photography there snapping away and here are some of the highlights. If you are looking for a photographer in the New Jersey area, you should hire her!

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