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In June my husband and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary!

Consequently we are throwing around the idea of renewing our vows in celebration of a decade of decadence.

One of our favorite jokes from Louis C. K. goes something to the effect of; my wife and I have been married nine years now, so we’re almost done! And in the spirit of Louis’ sentiment we though we might prepare a soundtrack consisting of break up songs and those relevant to the idea of ten years. At the end of the party we would then announce our divorce. These are the kind of things we find funny. And what’s a marriage without laughs.

But a party might prove too expensive for us right now unless I am able to find an affordable solution to not having to do anything but show up. The first idea we had was to throw a cruise party which believe it or not is very affordable and sounds like a good time. Who doesn’t love being drunk on a boat? Well, my best friend and maid of honor ten years ago to today for one. Scratch cruise off the list.

I then started researching the hell out of locations and you know what I found out? People pay too much god damned money getting married!

Prices starting at $125.00 per person!

Plus a facility fee!

Plus a Maitre D Fee!

Plus Tax and Gratuity!

Oh and you want an open bar…. Show me the money.

You sir can kiss my ass.

Sure it was ten years ago but when we got married we paid $50.00 per person which included a three course sit down dinner and an open bar. Our entire wedding, including my dress (which was purchased at a store that specialized in prom dresses) and honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera of Mexico cost the same as most women’s budgets on Say Yes to the Dress.

So needless to say I am suffering from a bit of sticker shock as well as a bit of disappointment that we might not be able to make this happen. Before I even walked down the aisle the first time I was planning a ten year renewal. Who knew we’d actually last!

What’s a girl to do…

Aren’t there any inexpensive options anymore? Can’t I avoid the “wedding” tag which jacks up the price so high at the greed of taking advantage of providing you with a “special day” fit for a princess? I’m no princess and the last thing I need is a crystal carriage and glass slippers. What I really want is a mountainside in Italy but what I will settle for is something outdoors. A touch of fresh air, sunlight and nature. Somewhere I can go barefoot and let the hippie in me rejoice. And then I’d like to consume. lots. and lots. of wine. and cake.

Luckily for my husbands birthday I took him to a new restaurant in town that came recommended by a fellow mom on Facebook. The food was so good and the space is perfect for our kind of get together of 60 max. not 6,000. And then we discussed price. Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner and my faith in having a celebration that wouldn’t require a second mortgage was reaffirmed. I am thinking the state park will make for a nice location to do the actual vow renewal with the restaurant providing the wine and cake portion of the party.

The first time we were wed we had what I like to call a shotgun wedding sans bun in the oven. I put it together in a month because we didn’t want to wait another year and we didn’t have a photographer which is one of my few regrets in life. Although it was rushed and not perfect it was still a pretty darn good time. I’m not exactly the girl who had been planning a big elaborate wedding since adolescence. That was my mother who wanted to fly everyone to Disney World so I could get married in Cinderella’s castle. However ten years later I look forward to taking my time to plan all the many little details that make a day like this beautiful and memorable. A day to start the next ten years of our marriage together, this time as a family of five.

Now that the stress of location shopping hopefully is eased I can focus on the most important part of this venture. The dress! I’m thinking hot pink…

If your interested you can follow my Ten Years!!! board on Pinterest for all of the many pins that will accumulate into this big party mid June.

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