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Ah. It’s been such a long, long time since we’ve talked.

It’s been quite busy around ye ole house these days with the holidays making their appearance entirely too soon and all of the other things on the priority list. Leaving this little blog unfortunately on the bottom as I navigate this new life as a stay at home part time working yogi family of five mom.

Other than attempting to raise my boys into men. I have also been working part-time from home for my big brother who just recently started his very own packaging company. I have also taken up the responsibility of running the social media aspects of All Fit Studios, a local yoga studio that opened close to my home. This has me creating all sorts of fun content and finding some incredibly cool information to share with those who “Like” us.

When I initially went back to school after dropping out of community college as an eighteen year old, I began with graphic design. Ultimately I ended up with a degree in fashion design and another in fashion history. Although having found myself knocked up during my internship as a fashion designer, has now made me the stay at home mom you have before you.

However, the graphic design skills I learned have definitely served me well over the last few years and now being in a position of complete freedom to create, those skills are starting to become much more refined.

Here is a peek at something I’ve created to promote the upcoming Christmas party at my yoga studio. It’s a piece of a storyline featuring Namaste The Elf.

So all this to say, I’ve been busy! Super busy! And Oh My God, Christmas is right around the corner!!!

I am also still recovering from Maddox’s birth. A few days ago I attempted a yoga class. Epic mistake! As ready as my brain is to return to normal, my body simply is not and It’s now mad at me for being so presumptuous as to think I could just go and exercise all willie nillie. It’s showing me that I do indeed need to continue to “take it easy” for a few more weeks.

This is why the fourth trimester is such an important time for healing. You don’t pop the baby out and pop in your Crunch Ab’s dvd the next day. I often wonder how celebrities do actually do it. I know they make tons of cash to get their bodies back as if a child never entered their womb, but six weeks post pardom I was definitely in no condition to even think of walking a Victoria Secret runway. No matter how many times they called.

Now here I am. Trying to find room in my busy new life to do the things that keep me sane. Like this blog. I’m focusing on getting our food choices back on track (which took a gynormous hit the last few months), and on perfecting this three ball cascade of a juggling act. I have a few older posts that have been sitting, waiting to be edited and published. Those will come first and then since I still can’t exercise, there is nothing left to do but write!

Oh and host Christmas! Wish me luck…


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I am a food allergy mama of 4 boys, a former fashion designer, and a master of the five point palm exploding heart technique, keeping it Fantastico.

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