24 Hour EEG and Neuro Follow Up

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I make this shit look good…

This is me and this is my hook up, a.k.a. my 24 hour EEG.

At 10 a.m. they hooked me up and 24 hours later at 10 a.m. I got unhooked. Joe who did my 20 minute EEG with the blitzkrieg strobe light assault also did this feat of handy work. With 40 years at this business under his belt I would call him an artist. He was quick and efficient and while Van stared at Joe’s lightening fast movements Charlie played “dhinosauwes” on my IPhone. From start to finish it took him about 15 to 20 minutes before I was out the door.

The procedure began with me sitting in a recliner while Joe glued about 20 electrodes onto my head. One at a time he dried the adhesive with a mini hand held blow dryer. Once all of the leads were stuck he then used a device to inject gel into them similar to a turkey baster but way, way smaller. The amplifier was put into a case and draped around my chest. He then connected the amplifier to the recorder which went into another pouch at my waist. A quick check and we were on our way. The only restrictions being water and gum chewing. The application and the testing does not hurt and is more uncomfortable than anything. The amplifier and recorder add about 5 awkward pounds to your chest but nothing I couldn’t handle.

The 24 hour ambulatory EEG as far as I can tell will show if in this 24 hour period I am having seizures or “abnormalities.” After the 24 hours are up there is a return visit to the technician to have the leads removed.

Joe took off the amplifier and recorder first and then started on the leads. The wires were first disconnected and then he used a solvent and a wash cloth to scrub away the glue. This really was the worst part. The glue sticks really well and to get it off required some muscle. After that was done I went home and took a shower. Shampoo promised to remove any glue that got left behind. Once I put the shampoo on my scalp I could feel a few spots where It seems I lost some skin and like cleaning any open wound it stung like crazy. My hair is short right now and still it was difficult to get all of the glue out. I ended up using a barbers comb. the fine toothed end. to brush the remaining bits out.

If my son were to receive a 24 hour EEG I would probably just shave his head for the experience to make it as easy as possible on all parties involved. The short of it is that the EEG is a relatively easy procedure considering some of the things doctors like to put us through in the name of science.

Having completed all of my neurological testing I was a tad bit nervous for this particular follow up appointment. my mom did die of brain cancer after all. but yet again all of the testing came back negative. The neurologist. like so many others. had nothing for me except for the advisement to go back to the cardio for a tilt table test.

Not having seizures or some sort of tumor is a huge relief. don’t get me wrong. but there does come a point where you almost want the doctor to come back and tell you what is wrong and what he or she is going to do about it. Having been loosing consciousness for 14 years now with no rhyme or reason is really getting old. especially now that I have two kids to look after and who I would rather not pass out in front of.

I have this belief that essentially as human beings we are all exactly the same. that we are all capable of exactly the same things. However it is which of those “things” that are triggered in us which makes us unique individuals. For example I believe every one of us has what I will call the “art gene or genes” within us but only some of us have that “art gene” turned on. The point is that I believe there has to be an organic reason to why I pass out because most people do not. Yet at this point I am still left with no medical explaination and an enormous amount of anxiety over when it will happen again. For now I will take this mixture of relief and disappointment and move onto the next doctor. the next test. and hope that one day this issue can be resolved. Fingers crossed.

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