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Finances are a bitch! There I said it. I’d even go so far as to use the C___ word if I wasn’t such a lady. There comes a point in every pregnant mother and/or mothers journey where they decision comes up: Do I go back to work? Or do I stay home?

Why hello crossroads, my name is Dawn, nice to meet you, let’s dance.

For the last two plus years I have been lucky enough to have the ability to stay home with my eldest son Charlie. I was also able to experience my second pregnancy at home but now with two mouths to feed and a situation where we are spending more than we are making, it’s decision making time.

A lot goes into the decision about whether or not to work outside of the home. I choose my words carefully because every mother IS a working mom. Being a stay a home mom rarely entails lying on the couch and enjoying bon-bons like some may think. It is a constant twenty-four hour a day physical and emotional drain which does not provide for lunch breaks, quiting time or vacation time. I can not leave my work and go home because my work is my home.

I consider myself lucky, primarily because I do have a choice. For some mothers there is no decision to make and they must return to work in order to make the already tight ends meet. However, when there is a choice there is a enormous amount to consider.

So here I stand.

There are a few logical factors; will I be able to make enough money to cover daycare and to make it worth it to return is the first and foremost. There are emotional factors; is my second son going to fall victim to being the second born? Meaning will he not get the same privileges as the first born by having me home for his first two years. There are also logistics to consider; Charlie has developmental delays and as a part of the early intervention system he receives five hours a week of therapy which must be maintained with or without me.

So what is a girl to do?

I am an individual ruled by logic and for me every new path begins with each first step, so that decision making can be made easier with a logical plan. First things first I must research daycare options and costs, then I will use that information to create my number. My number is what it would take to hire my services as my time is valuable. I will repeat that, my (and your) time IS valuable! Regardless of your situation always go to every interview with that knowledge firmly etched in your mind. I will send out resumes and go to job interviews with that number firm and in the meantime we must re-evaluate our current budget and like the government begin to cut, cut, cut.

Life is a series of beginning and endings and this my dear friends for me is another beginning…

to be continued…

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