About Mrs. Fantastico

Hey there, how’s your day going?

My name is Dawn and I’ve got a lot to say! I am the mother of four very handsome, very rambunctious boys and a wife to my union electrician husband. I began this blog after the birth of my second child in celebration of a successful VBAC and it begins with his birth story. Through that experience I wanted to share our stories in hopes of helping or inspiring others going through similar struggles some of which include but are not limited to; food allergies, being a stay at home mom and raising boys.

Our eldest son Charles Magnus aka Charlie was named for Charlemagne and we believe he was born on the same day, April 3rd. His name translates to “Charles The Great” and he is every bit my little emperor. Charlie having been born with the congenital malformation; craniosynostosis (of the sagittal variety), necessitated a major operation at only 5 months old. Essentially the sagittal suture in his skull was fused at birth and his pediatric neurosurgeon had to cut out a piece of his skull in order to recreate a soft spot. The procedure is called a vertex craniectomy and left my baby with a lightening bolt scar right down the top of his head that rivals Harry Potters. Subsequently I have mentored other families going through the same experience with their children.

Charlie has also battled developmental delays and severe food allergies which have had him on some form of a restricted diet since he was an infant. Currently his “bad” list consists of: dairy, beef, buckwheat, pinto beans, arugula, eggs, strawberry, banana and mold. Through therapy and diet Charlie has flourished and subsequently loosing all of his many diagnoses, was declassified. In turn I have been active in assisting other families with dietary concerns as well when asked. I could talk food for hours if you let me!


In July 2011 I bore my second son Van Theodore, named after my mother who passed in September of 2002 from cancer and my father. Van was born to give Charlie a run for his money and his birth was a huge accomplishment. Due to Charlie’s lack of a soft spot his arrival came at the end of a scalpel after 40+ hours of labor which included over 3 hours of pushing. Van’s birth was remarkably different. With him I fought to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and on top of that I achieved the huge goal of doing it without any drugs of any kind. The tee-shirts to that effect are already in production.

At two years old I began noticing signs of Van having food intolerances. As I begin to investigate what may be bothering him, my suspicions are leaning towards pistachio nuts, soy and honey. Which to put it lightly complicates things. Van is my trickster, comedian, all around good time guy and I hope he doesn’t mind me tagging along with him to college because I know he is going to be the life of the party.


In October of 2013 I gave birth to my third son again via cesarean section after a failed VBAC attempt due to a deep transverse arrest. Meaning he got completely stuck in my pelvis. He is very much the evil genius type. One second he’s embarking on some diabolical plan to ruin your day in the most spectacular way and the next he is gently placing his hand on your face, giving you heartfelt kisses and telling you how much he loves you.

My husband may or may not have visions of his very own baseball team… However I was sure Maddox Peter would be the girl I always dreamed of. With him I struggled to overcome feelings of gender disappointment as well as physical issues that caused an enormous amount of stress you’ll find documented within the pages of this blog. Maddox was a name I fell in love with ever since I heard it for the first time when Angelina Jolie gave it to her first son. Peter is the name of my husband cousin who he is very close with. His birth was not the one I envisioned but it was weirdly therapeutic and terrifying at the same time.


In December of 2016 our last son was born into this world into an operating room during a scheduled cesarean section, rounding out our family and creating a future of two on two with a half court. Jack Simon has yet to develop his full personality but so far he is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. We spend whole hours just looking and smiling at each other and that big toothless baby smile of his is infectious. The name Simon comes from my family and Jack was a name my husband and I liked for different reasons. For him it is one of his favorite Who songs; Happy Jack. For me I always loved Jack from Will and Grace and I can’t help but call out Just Jack while doing jazz hands from time to time.


Since the birth of my first child I have been a stay at home mom, a working mom, and a student. I hold an associates degree in fashion design and a bachelors degree in fashion history. I’ve worked as an associate designer a technical assistant and an adjunct professor of garment construction, in between classes and pregnancy. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I love food, cooking and baking. I am frequently working on various allergy friendly recipes. I also enjoy art in all form as well as working with my hands and creating various DIY projects. All of which I hope to share here with you all.

But enough about me. Shall we get on with it….